Diamonds and Dogs


International Business Machine Corp. (IBM)

IBM is flying high today up 2.5% to a posting of $193.18. IBM has struggled in the last eight quarters with a consistent decline in revenue. But in a surprising move, IBM has teamed up with their once fierce rivals in the personal computer business, Apple. The two titans are becoming partners in creating enterprise apps for businesses. They have stated that they will target retail, health-care, banking, travel, and transportation, telecommunications, and insurance industries first. Starting a partnership with Apple allows for IBM to do what they do best in enterprise apps and management for businesses. This partnership will allow IBM to further accelerate their mobile business sector, which increased 70% in revenue last year.

Yahoo Company (YHOO)

Our reliable search engine came to a halt today. Yahoo (YHOO) shares were down more than 4.5 percent to $33.96 . Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) company offers search products, including Yahoo Search that serves as a starting point to navigate the Internet and discover information. The second quarter sales and profit slowed down and to start the engine back up reevaluating sales ads and selling its remaining stake in the Chinese company Alibaba. The future is uncertain for the Yahoo company but we can definitely expect to see more ads from the Yahoo company.
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