On-line Commissions

Equities: $19.95 per trade + $2.50 S&H on all Trades Note: $5.00 additional fee for limit, stop, and GTC orders Trading Requirements: A minimum balance of $2000.00 in cash or securities is required before an account can begin Internet trading. Fifty percent (50%) of the transaction amount, in cash or securities, must be in your account for trades exceeding $20,000.00 in principal. Non-NASDAQ and "penny stock" (under $4.00/share) purchases must have the total value of the trade in cash or securities in the account prior to executing the trade. Exchange Listed orders of 2000 or more shares are subject to an additional charge of $.01/ share on the entire order. IRA accounts must have 100% of the order value available. Margin orders - Cash plus buying power minus any outstanding calls must equal at least 50% of the order value. Stock must be long in the account before it is sold.