Go Green Initiative

As part of National Financial Services' "Go Green" initiative, we are requesting that clients who are willing and able to enroll in e-delivery of their account(s) statements, eligible records, and trade confirmations, do so.

Beginning September 30th, 2021 accounts will begin to be assessed $2.50 per quarter, per account, for delivering paper statements.

Said charge will be deducted automatically from the cash balance in your brokerage account.

If you elect to enroll in e-delivery for the items mentioned above, you can avoid this quarterly fee.

Plus, for every client that enrolls, we will "plant a tree" as a thank you through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Plant-A-Tree Program.

Enrollment is simple – the only two things you will need to set up e-delivery are:

  1. A Wealthscape Investor User ID
  2. An active email address

If you are interested in enrolling in e-delivery for your account, please contact your financial representative for assistance and instructions on how to do so today.

Each member of your household with a National Financial Services, LLC brokerage account must enroll and register their own Wealthscape Investor account.

If you choose to enroll in e-delivery at this time, you may switch back to paper statements at any time – however, know that re-enrollment of paper statements will trigger the quarterly fee of $2.50.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and hope you join us as we go green!