Diamonds and Dogs


Halcon Resources Corp (HK)

Halcon is today's Diamond. It opened up at $1.08 and jumped up 22.43% by mid-afternoon to $1.31. This jump follows a harsh decline after an almost 11 month slump, with its 52 week high of $7.50 dwarfing today's increase. This decline was the result of falling oil prices which brought energy and related stocks down. The falling oil prices, created by OPEC consistently high supply, have had its effects on the energy industry for almost a year now. Though today's sharp increase along with subtle rising gas prices might point to a possible future for Halcon, a further look would show that Halcon's jump came from its CEO increasing his shares. An article from CNBC dated August, 2012 quoted Halcon's CEO saying he hoped to have the corporation in the position to be sold within three years. With its recent track record, I don't see any buyer interest until oil prices increase.

American Caresource Holdings, Inc. (ANCI)

American Caresource, is bringing up the rear as today's Dog. It opened up the day at $2.42 and by mid-afternoon it dropped by 24.23% to $1.97. This follows a spike from yesterday's open of $1.55 to $2.60 in the wake of the announcement of American Caresource's new Chief Operating Officer, Norman Winland. With Winland's track record preceding him, yesterday's spike is to be expected. Whether todays decrease will foreshadow future decline is up to interpretation.

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