Diamonds and Dogs


Tesla Motors, Inc. (TLSA)

Very few diamonds today. The high flying Tesla Motors up 55% since April has experienced a downturn costing them $2.5 billion of market cap this week. At mid-afternoon today, the company saw an 11.78 (-4.40%) drop in their stock price. After Pacific Crest Securities lowered their rating on Tesla stock on Tuesday, the company has seen a noticeable decline in stock price. Pacific Crest was not alone in their hold, joining Deutsche Bank shift from buy to hold on Monday, due to valuation concerns and a possible slow down in sales out of China. China should be a good escapegoat for any downside guidance this quarter.  


Ford Motor Co. (F)

Ford Motor Company is driving downhill today as analysts predict a negative affect towards Ford shares due to the stronger United States dollar. Ford is down .45 points or 3% today to 14.40 from its previous close of 14.85. In the first quarter Ford's revenue fell by about 1.4 billion dollars due to a strong US dollar, thus the second quarter may bring the same reduction in revenue. Ford may have a bumpy road ahead if the US dollar stays strong and China's growth continues to slow.

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