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stimulus part deux

Stimulus Part Deux?

There is talk on the street that another stimulus package may be needed to stem the growing numbers of unemployed, which now stands at about 1 in 10 total Americans. We have an economy based on consumers and many in Washington are beginning to throw out the possibility of another round of money tossed at us this fall. At some point, we have to take our medicine as we unwind and de-leverage our accesses of the past twenty-some years. Economic growth comes from innovation and savings. Creating more and more taxes on wealthy individuals and businesses does not invigorate innovation. Giving tax revenue to the poor so that they can multiply its effect by spending it as fast as they can will not encourage savings. Maybe it is time for change?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



After a clinical test of a new osteoporosis drug, Amgen shares have jumped in price. The successful test resulted in reduced and delayed bone problems in the 2,049 tested-patients with breast cancer. The company is extremely pleased with the results, especially the health to risk profile, and will be announcing the results of the next phase later this year. Amgen shares were trading up $8.13 or 15.45% at $60.36.


General Electric

Even though GE lost its triple-a debt rating earlier this year, compared to other companies with lower debt their rating is still too high. Also, T. Boone Pickens ended the project to build the largest wind farm in the world and GE had shares that made and supplied the turbines for the farm. GE was down 2.1% after the morning bell. GE continued dropping to 3.81% or $0.42 and is worth $10.59 per share.
Monday, July 06, 2009



Genron's recent publication of a dendritic cell study leaves investors curious about the positive data found. The company declared that the cells of the study can pertain to many health benefits, for example therapeutic vaccines for diseases such as cancer. This study following last week's partnership between Genron and General Electric's divison, GE Healthcare, has increased Genron's shares. Genron is up to $0.27 or 3.53% and presently at 7.92 per share.


Holly Corp.

With the growing worries that the recession will continue to wear away the demand for energy, oil refiners' stock has begun to drop. This weak demand outlook is affecting several oil companies, notably Holly Corp. August crude futures have reached a five-week low falling 4.21 percent to $63.91 per barrel. Holly Corp. has slipped $0.71 or
3.81% to 17.91 per share.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Continental Airlines

A former Dog, Continental Airlines is presently a Diamond as it has been improving since its recent plummet. As oil prices continue to fall, airline stocks are rising and suggesting potential profit for one of the summer's struggling industries. Even though the passenger and cargo demand is decreasing, Continental Airlines will remain afloat as oil prices remain low. CAL has improved $0.57 or 6.18% to $9.79 per share.


Hess Corporation

Hess and several other oil and energy stock took a hit and continued to wallow in the red. Crude oil futures declined, as well as the rest of the markets, as a result of a lackluster job report. After the Department of Labor said the unemployment rate rose to 9.5%, a majority of the biggest oil and energy stock slipped the rest of the afternoon. Having one of the steeper drops, Hess suffered a $3.46 or 6.51% drop to $49.65 per share.

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