Diamonds and Dogs

Diamonds and Dogs

July 23, 2009

Intuitive Surgical, Inc

On a day where the market is at its best since last January, one of the companies that are doing well is ISRG. Despite the troubling times in our economy, hospitals, surgeons, and doctors recognize the value of ISRG and their products and how beneficial they are to surgery and surgical outcomes. Procedures have grown to 56% up from the first half of the year's 50% and revenues are up 12%. ISRG's international sector has been doing extremely well by selling 20 out of the 76 systems sold. ISRG is up $34.18 or 20.13% and is up to 203.97 a share.


McDonalds is today's dog after their profit and sales have both dropped. Profits had dropped 8% and sales are down 7% for various reasons. One reason is the unending competition between other fast food restaurants, McDonalds is challenged daily by companies like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. The demand for fast food has been slowing in the U.S. because of the unemployment rate and the falling grocery-store prices provide a stronger incentive to eat at home. MCD is down $2.46 or 4.18% and shares are down to 56.36.
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