Diamonds and Dogs


Amazon (AMZN) hits a $1000 a share. Jeff Bezos set out with a straightforward plan to sell books online, few anticipated the company would grow exponentially by offering the world's consumers virtually everything they need for everyday life. Amazon's market cap now stands at nearly half a trillion dollars with revenue to touch $200 million, growing 20%. Not bad. With a 17% stake, Jeff Bezos is worth around $85 billion, right behind Warren Buffett.

British Airways' epic meltdown over a busy holiday weekend has all the airliners Delta (DAL), American (AAL), United Airlines (UAL) trading lower. With nearly 600 flights canceled and luggage unable to be dispersed, images and horror stories quickly coursed through social media. Damages for rebooking and compensating customers is estimated to cost British Airways around $112 million. Ouch.

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