Diamonds and Dogs

June 24, 2010

Hasbro INC, HAS
Hasbro, the world's number 2 toy maker, has had a good day in a slower market. Hasbro takes part in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of toys and games. It was reported that the Providence Equity Partners have been in contact with Hasbro INC about buying the company whose market cap is about $6.1 billion. Hasbro has denied the allegations in the news about the company buyout but has confirmed that they will team with Electronic Arts to expand more in the gaming industry and also team with Discovery Communications to launch a kid's television network to help market their products. Though still very far from transforming into a monopoly in the toy and gaming industry, with shares up $2.30 or 5.55% to $43.40, Hasbro has emerged as the Diamond of the day.

Despite the economy and perhaps even the world becoming more dependable on computer systems daily, the stocks of these companies still vacillate after taking the hit from the recession with companies' cut costs. Today Dell appears as the Dog in the market having shares fall 5.57% to $13.05. It has been reported that Dell expects revenue in the fiscal year through January to rise 5% from last year to 19%. The company has been in the headlines saying they were devoted to profits despite challenges but so is every other dog in the market. Dell holds the spot for the world's third largest PC vendor behind Hewlett-Packard and Acer.

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